Sep 2005, Rudstone Walk, Yorkshire . Simon and Jenny Pratt organized a full blown reunion in 2005 in Yorkshire. Centered in a small farm converted to hotel called Rudstone Walk groups set off to explore and enjoy the Yorkshire Wolds (A wold is a sort of hill). People came from all over and went to York to see the Minster, to Castle Howard to see the castle, to Stamford Bridge to see the site of the battle and took healthy and energetic strolls on the aforementioned Wolds.

This was a real great event, here are some pictures to remind those of us who were there and to tempt those who were not.

© All pictures copyright Jenny & Simon Pratt except where stated

Alistair & Roger

David, Ann ,Peter, Pat & Simon

Alistair, Jane, Margaret

Ann, Francis

Diana, David


Pat, Freya

Jenny, Francis

Pat, Simon

Peter, Richard, Simon

Thursday Night

And to prove that it wasn't all eating, drinking and talking, here are a couple of shots of people walking...well after this one of the walkers sitting outside a pub!!

Rich Subbings, Tony Allen, Francis Colin, Irene Allen,Sheila Jacobs, Anne Sunderland,Simon Pratt, Jane Booth, Diana Stevens, David. © Freya Levitt


The same crew, you know who they are © Freya Levitt
There are not actually any pictures of people walking. These are pictures of people sitting down but it must be assumed they got there by walking or some type of transporter. Beam me up Scotty...
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