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Daphne Wing's, Stan Shaw's Paula Jones' and Norman Ellis' Page.  Daphne left school a couple of years later than 1960 and found us through the web. She has the following pictures taken during moments of debauchery outside the boy prefect's room on the school roof. Daphne also had rare copies of the program for "Birds in a Minchenden Wood", a drama performed by the Staff Repertory company. For the program see "Birds in a Minchenden Wood" and a picture of a performance at performance picture

Stan Shaw, a teacher in the 70's sent the picture below of the staff in 1973. It's not easy to identify any of them

Paula Jones and her brother Richard Hill have identified an number of people in the pic. For details see the complex "guide" below the pic.

minchenden staff 1973

Minchenden Staff 1973. Second from the left, back row is Frank Stabler, he was there when I was. Otherwise,fourth from the left back row is Stan Shaw and framing the door at the back is on the right Mr. Smiee and on the left at the door frame is Mrs. Cod. From Peter Morley the following; front row far left is Ms. Nolan and five from the left is Ms. Adamson. Next to her Mr. Tarrant. Front and center is the headmaster Mr. Bussey. From John Turton; front row 2nd from left; Mrs. Dean(Commerce/economics), 7th in from left; Mr. Reynolds, 10th from left; Dr.Watkiss 1st on right; Paul Sacha, second from right; George Silber (British Constitution), ; 3rd from Right; Bill Dean (Art teacher). From Bernice Groom, front row next to Mr Bussey is Miss Atkinson.

Paula Jones tells me Facing the photo,( the 1973 photo). He (Dr Asher) is 2nd row back (not front row) 4th from right. Trevor Hounslow is 3rd row back on far left. Mr Chisholm next to Frank Stabler (to viewer's right of Frank) Mr McGee chemistry back row in front of door, to right. Mr Popham physics, back row third from right.. Mr Sturt art 3rd row back on far right.

Here are three more from Paula Jones: Directly behind the lady with white hair in the middle foreground is Mr. Randle, to his left is M. Sallnow. Back row far right but one of the picture is Mr Smellie.

Paula Jones's brother Richard Hill has listed the following which he thinks are correct:Back row, center of doorway – Royston Willis (English and my form teacher in the 3rd year), Back row, 7th from right – Mr Christofides (Maths), Back row, 4th from right – Mr Bushell (Physics), Back row, 1st on right – Derek Jones (Games) . 2nd back row, 1st on right (below and left of Mr Jones) – Mr Silcock (Chemistry) Let me know the names of anybody else your recognize

Norman Ellis sent in these four color pictures from the 1960s. Scroll down please


minchenden school
Norman Ellis and two friends on the roof from the boy prefects room window

minchenden school
From left to right Stan Peachey, George Christodoulou, ? the back of Tony Ash’s head and another ?. On the roof is a French exchange student who supplied the Gitanes

minchenden school

minchenden observatory minchenden school
minchenden parking
Staff Parking, I think the swanky Morris Oxford was Dr. Walter's...judging by the priority parking
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