Pictures from schooldays. In Albums and folders, in scrapbooks and shoe boxes, in the attic and in the back of desk draws are the black and white photos taken during the time at Minchenden. They bring back memories of youth and as such are better than a tonic. Old school photos fortify the over forties, Old school photos make you feel young again.

Here is a collection of photos from various people with as much electronic enhancement as we can find. Some are a bit fuzzy and some are either too dark or too light, but all bring back memories. Some happy, some not so happy; some joyfull and some sad.

Page # eight

Janet Call and friends in front of the gym. L to R; ?, Peter Borrows, ?,?,?, Judy Hammond with baseball bat, Barbara Wearing, Janet Call, ?, Anthony Thomas. ©
Janet Call.


Recording for the BBC!!. Mr Mayo, Ms Atkin & Ms Amiot

©Jill Sommerville

Minchenden staff performing "Birds in a Minchenden Wood" A review by Mike Riddle with various stars circa 1960.
© Jill Sommerville


Frank Stabler and Ms Witty on the school field.
© Jill Somerville

Could be Major Hedly or ??

© Jill Somerville

Messrs Finlay and Mayo
© Jill Somerville

Ms Atkins & Mr Mayo
© Jill Somerville

From left to right, Christine Stokes, Roger Dean, Alan Holden and Barbara Wearing. ©Christine Stokes.


Outing to Cambridge, 1959. L to R Peter Borrows, Dave Blore, Rich Stubbings, Geoff Foot. © Peter Boot.


Jenny Reynolds takes a quick drag before lunch with 6th form friends, L to R; Heather Cutt, Diana Stevens, Freya Levitt, Jenny Reynolds, Ruth Ainger, Ann Sunderland, Judy Hammond, John Harper, Tony Fincham, Hazel Porter, Alan Holden, ? Ralph Skilbeck, ?, John Butler © Jenny Reynolds


L to R: Geoff Foot, Jennifer Reynolds, ?, Peter Borrows, Mark Scholl, Kay ?, Judy Hammond, Christine Stokes. © Jenny Reynolds.

On the school field c 1959. L to R: Ruth Ainger, Janet Call and Christine Stokes. ©Jenny Reynolds.


LAPD recruits, truncheons at the ready. L to R; Pat Scudder, Carol Eden, Judy Hammond, Jaqueline Benton, Diana Stevens, Jenny Reynolds, Sylvia Mitchell, Freya Levitt, Bonnie Atkins, Sheila Jacob. ©Jenny Reynolds.

Durnsford Road Pool; L to R; Judy Hammond, Ann Sunderland, Jennifer Pigott, ?, John Fletcher, Julie Pike, Geraint Edwards, Danielle, Alan Strong, Freya Levitt, Ralph Skilbeck, ?,Peter Borrows. © Jenny Reynolds.


Easter 1960, Kandersteg. School Ski Trip....were skis really that long? Tony Allen, Jenny Reynolds and Diana Stevens with friends. © Jenny Reynolds.

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