Minchenden School

School Site & Building Development

This report from Enfield council concerning development of the Minchenden school site

We have developed proposals for a specialist educational facility for children with autism, after acquiring the site at Minchenden from Barnet and Southgate College. We intend to re-develop the northern section of the site to have modern facilities for secondary autism provision to meet the complex needs of students. 

The new school will provide places for 120 pupils for Year 9-11, and post-16 pupils (aged 14-18), expanding specialist autism provision across all age groups in Enfield. This will address the acute need within the borough.

The proposals comprise refurbishment and modification of existing buildings on site to provide modern education facilities. The Farbey Building will be refurbished and remodeled for school accommodation, including a small extension. The Mews Building will be reconfigured and refurbished to provide a sixth form common room, as well as overnight stay/life skills teaching accommodation to help prepare pupils for living on their own. An open sided workshop will be remodeled to provide additional required school accommodation.

Vehicle and pedestrian access to the new school will be improved by provision of an additional route into the site from Leigh Hunt Drive as well as improving access from the High Street. The school will have 28 car parking spaces on-site and space for four minibuses with access via the existing public car park.

We are committed to supporting the needs of all our young people and believe that this proposal provides an opportunity to ensure that they have access to an outstanding learning environment at the most appropriate location for their needs.

The development of the school will only proceed if planning permission is gained. You can use the online planning register to view and formally comment on the planning applications and view documents.


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