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Oct. 14, 2017 The Harvester, St Albans. Some regulars and two newbies met at the regular location in St Albans. Kay Dobson and Anthony Thomas showed up which was a delight. Otherwise the gossip, the beer and the wine flowed as usual. A full year of aging and happenings to report and discuss. Only five pictures all from Freya..remainder are stock fillers. Thanks to Freya and Tony for organizing the event. See you next year!

Left to Right (1) Freya & Francis. (2) Tony,Roger,David,Peter, David. (3) Geoff, Tony, Irene,Diana, Peter, Alastair. (4) John, Diana,Janet

Left to Right (Francis, Kay. (2) The pub. (3) St Albans Abbey. ( 4) Ruins

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