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These can be anything you like. Great restaurants in Figeac, places to get your car fixed in Scarborough, the local pony club, the Milton Keynes Young Conservatives, a nice pub in Sussex..whatever. This can then be a source of interesting stuff and places.

Minchenden Famous for English Language Tuition.

Check out the new website for Social Change and English, 1945-1965. This describes a three-year project is funded by the Leverhulme Trust.  The aim of the project is to produce a history of developments in the teaching of English in three London secondary schools in the twenty years after the war. These English departments were chosen because they influenced the way English developed, not only in the UK, but in the Commonwealth, the USA and beyond.  One of the three is Minchenden

The research methods involve interviews with teachers and pupils together with the study of documents, photographs and films (including student work). Thet immediate aim is to record people’s memories while there is still time, and make these available. Basically before we all die !!!

This website contains information about the schools in our study, the project team and the advisory board as well as publishing interim findings.


How we all found each other after 43 years

Coming to the USA this year?. Your Pound, Euro or whatever buys more than ever. Visit The Golden State, Go to Sacramento. Call on Governor Brown

Old Minchendenians. Its never to late to take up soccer or netball. This is is the definitive site for The Old Minchendenians which I'm told is mainly a sports club. Certainly looks like it. Check them out at

Here is a link to an old student from a slightly later time (class of 1971). Philip Shapira found the site on the web and has his own site at is a professor at Georgia Tech,
check him out.

And here's a reunion page from Prof Shapira

And here's another one. This is a link to James Miller's personal site. James was at Minchenden from 1957 so he was there for a short while during the class of 1953-1960.

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