The Harvester, St Albans meeting place for several mini reunions over the last few years. Freya travels over from Tours to visit and ad hoc meetings take place at this pub. here are a few photos.

Latest Pictures from "The Harvester"Apr 2010.

harvester apr 2010
Around the table, clockwise staring with Rich, Dave, Frank Stabler & Roger behind the camera, Peter. ©Peter Borrows

Janet, Roger, Freya, Rich and half of Dave. © Peter Borrows

Previous Harverster meetings
  harvetser meeting jul 2009
Around the table, clockwise staring with Geoff, Richard, Tony, Freya Roger, Jill Somerville at last and Roger behind the camera, Peter. ©Peter Borrows

harvetser jul 08
Around the table, clockwise staring with Richard, Freya,Geoff, Tony, Roger,Tony, Irene,Diana,Jenny, Alastair, Barbara and as an inteligent guess, behind the camera, Simon. © simon pratt


Peter Borrows, Freya, Tony Allen, Roger Hill © Freya Levitt

Alistair Riach, Simon, Frank Stabler, Roger Dean, Peter Borrows and Roger Hill.. © Freya Levitt
Alen Brooks, Diana Stevens, Sheila Jacob. © Freya Levitt
Janet Call, Jenny, Diana,Sheila, Pat, Alistair. © Freya Levitt
And some from earlier meetings..  
Jane Booth, Pat Man, Jenny Reynolds and Freya . © Freya Levitt

From left to right: Geoff Foot, Tony Allen standing and out of focus, Alistair Riach, Janet Call, Roger Hill, Diana Stevens, Roger Dean, Pat Mann, ? , Tony Fincham and Frank Stabler. © Freya Levitt
Jenny Reynolds, Tony Allen, Diana Stevens, Peter Borrows and Roger Dean © Freya Levitt

Simon Pratt, Frank Stabler, Ann Sunderland, Graham Dyer I think, Barbara Wearing, Tony Allen, Diana Stevens, Jenny Reynolds, ?, and Roger Dean (I still think he looks like Ted Heath did when he was Roger's age. © Freya Levitt
Jane Booth, Ruth Ainger and Freya Levitt © Freya Levitt
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